Does Your Dog Suffer From Chronic Pain? Here’s How You Can Help

No dog owner wants to see a beloved pet struggling with chronic pain. If your dog has trouble getting around (or would rather not even try) due to chronic pain, you need to know how you can improve its quality of life, not only through standard veterinary medicine but also through the addition of key nutritional supplements. Let’s examine the problem of chronic pain in dogs and potential methods for controlling that discomfort.

How to Maintain Your Dog’s Skin & Coat

What Can Go Wrong With Your Dog’s Skin or Coat?   If your dog doesn’t harbor fleas, ticks, mites, or a fungal infection, you may wonder where that red, itchy skin and dry, sparse coat came from. In many cases, the problem lies with nutritional problems. For instance, some health challenges can interfere with the… Continue reading How to Maintain Your Dog’s Skin & Coat

How To Deal With Separation Anxiety in Dogs

If you’re like most dog owners, you’d love nothing more than to play with your pet all day long. Unfortunately, the real world may force you to go about daily errands or take the occasional trip without your favorite pooch in tow. Some dogs handle periods of separation better than others, but full-blown separation anxiety can trigger serious stress and behavioral issues in your dog. Take a moment to learn about separation anxiety in dogs, from causes and symptoms to potential remedies.

How to Improve Digestive Health & Immunity in Dogs

If you’ve ever experienced the effects of a chronic digestive issue or malfunctioning immune system, then you can understand why such issues might have a serious impact on your dog’s well being. The fact that immune system functions depend heavily on digestive functions only makes it more important that you cover both bases for your beloved friend. Since a healthier gut means a healthier dog, let’s look at this all-important connection and some ways you can strengthen your dog’s overall wellness through proper nutritional care.

How to Improve Joint Health & Mobility in Dogs

When you think of dogs enjoying their everyday lives, you probably envision them running, jumping, playing, or at least going for walks. Sadly, many dogs find it difficult or impossible to experience this quality of life due to joint problems that cause them chronic pain and limit their ability to move around. If your dog has developed a painful, debilitating joint problem, take a closer look at why such problems occur, how your veterinarian can treat them, and how proper nutritional support can ease that pain and stiffness.

Your Dog Needs Healthy Eyes and Clear Vision

We all know that dogs depend heavily on their sense of smell and hearing to take in the world around them. But dogs also depend on optimal eyesight to navigate obstacles safely, see potential prey or predators, and enjoy those countless games of catch with their beloved humans. As a concerned dog owner, you should understand some key points about how you and your vet can help your dog keep seeing clearly for many years to come.

How Can Supplements Help Your Dog?

Many dogs don’t seem to care much what they eat as long as they get plenty of it. If your dog follows this trend, you might assume that it gets all the nutrition it needs from regular store-bought “chow.” in reality, however, these products may not provide enough of certain key nutrients to optimize your canine friend’s health and wellness, especially if special health problems call for some additional nutritional support. Let’s examine the many important ways nutritional supplements can help your dog.